Uruguay - Consulate of Nepal in Fray Bentos

You are a Uruguayan citizen or you are from Nepal and are looking for information on the consulate of Nepal in Fray Bentos situated in Uruguay. A consulate in Fray Bentos could be a small honorary consulate or a bigger consulate general of Nepal. It all depends on the importance of Fray Bentos and Uruguay in the relationships with the government of Nepal.

Sorry there is no consulate of Nepal in Fray Bentos !

However, Nepal could have more than one consulate in Uruguay besides Fray Bentos.

When Nepal has more consulates located in Uruguay ouside of Fray Bentos you can find them mentioned below.

Otherwise you can also contact the embassy of Nepal in Uruguay of which you will find details also below.

The difference between consulates found in Fray Bentos are the level of powers and size of these consulates. Some consulates are the bigger consulate-general and usually can assist in a wide scope of consular matters. Other smaller consulates are often manned by private citizens and are called honorary consulates. These honorary consulates often have limited powers and do not issue visas or passports.

All consulates of Nepal in Uruguay besides Fray Bentos

Or the embassy of Nepal in Uruguay

(There is no embassy of Nepal located in Uruguay)

Consulate Appointment in Fray Bentos

Most consulates in Fray Bentos need visitors to make an appointment for a visit. Call or email the consulate of Nepal in Fray Bentos first for information on opening hours and appointments. Please be aware that most smaller consulates and honorary consulates often do not issue visas or passports or offer any consular assistance at all.

Travel Insurance

When you travel to Fray Bentos do not forget to buy a comprehensive travel insurance. You can get sick, miss your flight, personal belongings can be stolen or you can have an accident and need a doctor or hospital in Uruguay or Nepal.

Moreover, when you apply for a visa at the consulate in Fray Bentos please note that many embassies and consulates can ask you to show proof of a valid travel insurance with extensive coverage.