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This website and online service is for travellers far from home in need of assistance of their government or for people who plan to travel and need either information or a visa to enter the country they plan to visit. Especially the consular assistance in emergency situations is urgent.

The consulate nearest to you

iConsular will help you not only in finding the nearest consulate but also if this consulate is suitable for your needs. For instance some consulates will not be able to replace your lost travel documents or arrange medical assistance for you.

If a consulate is not available at your location Iconsular will provide you with a complete list of not only all consulates of your country or the country you want to visit but also their embassy. Please take note that an embassy will be the best guide to inform you which consulate is most suitable for your needs.

In some circumstances an embassy will even advice you to not visit the consulate but come to the consular section of the embassy instead, even when the embassy is far from your location. Al advice give by an embassy or a consulate of course depends on your circumstances and your actual needs.


Websites of consulates and embassies

When it comes to information gathering a visit to the consulate is in most cases not really necessary any more. Almost every embassy and lately also a growing number of consulates offer all kinds of relevant information on their own official websites. It is worth to mention that these official websites are the most reliable sources. More often then not information on third party websites such as forums or travel guides are either outdated or just plain wrong.

Travel Insurance

This website also provides you with all sorts of information on travel insurance. Nowadays it is absolutely irresponsible to travel without suitable travel insurance and a comprehensive health insurance as the standard health insurance issued in your own country often covers only a part of medical expenses made abroad or nothing at all.

Travel Preparations

It is also advisable to take certain preperations before you start your journey. Prepare digital images of your travel insurance and other important documents and email them to yourself or upload them to a cloud service. For certain countries we also advice to download and install a tracking application on your smart phone so that family and friends can locate you when needed. Alternatively you can update your social media pages on for instance Facebook as most pictures you upload are tagged to the location where the picture was taken.

By now you probably noticed that Iconsular is not only helpful in finding the nearest and best consulate for your needs but also for travel advice in general. It is certainly a website who anyone should have in their favourites when travelling around the world.

This website gives contact information on consulates and embassies abroad. is not affiliated with any of the organizations mentioned on this website.
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